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The Outsider

[Author: HR]  

The Outsider


The words seemed to come from God as they echoed from above. I glanced up at the tall grain elevator knowing the source of the name calling immediately. The source was the top of the grain elevator, but I didn’t know who. It could be my next door neighbor as he managed the grain elevator, or the young guy that cut my grass, he worked in the grain elevator, or someone that I had never seen that had heard the rumors that I was gay.

“I’m going on seventy and I don’t need this crap,” I said to myself as I climbed into my old tan colored Oldsmobile. Like me, the car was beyond its prime and need to be retired. “I guess I should sell the bookstore and head to Fort Lauderdale. There I’ll just be one queer among many, although I’ll be the only one talking out loud to himself.” I chuckled at calling myself queer to keep from crying.

I glanced in the rearview mirror. My white hair was thinning to the point that if I didn’t comb it over from the side I would be totally bald on the top of my head. My jowls were sagging with age and the fine age lines had long since turned to deep wrinkles on my round face. Yet my smile was still fresh and my green eyes still sparkled in spite of my advancing years.

Sometimes I found myself wondering why I had bothered coming back to my hometown of Roelyn, Iowa; to live in the house where I was born and raised beside the towering grain elevator only ten miles from Fort Dodge, Iowa. Why I had struggled for fifteen years to develop the best bookstore in Iowa, in a town too small to support it. “Guess I was, and still am, a dreamer,” I mumbled to myself as I turned onto the paved county road leading to Fort Dodge like a straight dark line pained down the middle of an endless green corn field.

I tried not to think of Rich. But I couldn’t keep thoughts of him for surfacing. Killed by a senseless motor cycle accident eight months ago at the age of thirty-six. I sighed. I never knew just how much I loved that uneducated farm boy from Alabama until he was ripped from my life. Heck, now I realized he was my life. Yes, he wasn’t perfect. I knew he slept around behind my back, but with such a wide age difference, I just let it go knowing that he loved me.

A tear rolled down my right cheek as I remembered just how often he would tell me that he loved me and how I had never once in our fifteen years together had ever told him that I loved him. But how could I do that? How could I tell another man that I loved him when I didn’t consider myself gay, a fag, a queer?! Well, it took his death for me to realize that I was very much all of those things. And also to realize just how much of an outsider I was in the very town where I was born.

As I drove across the Des Moines River into Fort Dodge, I suddenly realized that I no longer looked forward to going to work at the bookstore. The sight of the orange and green store front on at 710 Central Avenue with the sign “Wigdahl Bookfinders” hanging proudly over the door no longer filled me with pride. Yes, I had built the store into the best private bookstore in Iowa, but lost my soul in the process. I had spent so much time bringing my dream to reality that I had neglected the very person that had made it possible. His humor, endless energy and love had allowed me to concentrate on building up the bookstore. Now, I realized as I turned into the alley beside the bookstore and stopped in front of the garage door, that none of it mattered without Rich.

I was just closing the door of the garage when someone called out. 

“Sorry to hear about Rich.”

I paused and glanced into the alley. There stood a man even older than me. I knew him and had since I was a child growing up in Roelyn. His name was Sven and, like me, he was of Norwegian decent. He came in the bookstore to chat with me once a month or so. I always though he was handsome. Unlike me he wasn’t overweight. He was slim and muscular for his advanced age and had the most beautiful blue eyes that I had ever seen.

“Yes, it’s been difficult running the bookstore without him,” I said, “How are things with you, Sven?”

“Oh, lonely as usual. You know living by yourself isn’t any fun especially when you get older,” Sven said.

“I’m beginning to realize that more and more with each passing day,” I answered.

“Yes, but at least you had some good years with Rich,” Sven said.

I stiffened as I quickly understood what he was hinting at.

“And I’ve never had anybody.”

I didn’t know what to say. Here an acquaintance that I had know since my childhood was subtly telling me that he knew that I was gay.

Sven cleared his throat. “Frank, I always admired you, even when we were kids.” He spoke quickly, as though afraid the words wouldn’t come out. “I . . . mean. I really liked you.”

“Why thanks, Sven,” I found myself saying. “And I’ve always liked you too.”

“Really?!” The old man’s blue eye lit up in sudden excitement. “Would you come over to my place tonight?” 

“Well, Sven, I don’t close the bookstore until 10:00 tonight,” I answered. I found myself wishing that I could just walk over and hug the old man. I thought we both need a hug.

“That’s all right. I could fix you a snack and maybe we could have a glass of wine together.”

“Yes, that would be nice, very nice,” I said, smiling and nodding my head. “You still live on your parent’s farm between here and Roelyn?” I asked.

“Yes, still there.”

“Well, it’s right on my way home. How about 10:30 tonight as it takes me a while to do the book work.”

“Sure thing!” Sven spoke up excitedly, “That would be great, Frank. See you then.” He hurried away as though he was fearful that I might suddenly change my mind.

All through the day my thoughts were on Sven. I felt flashes of guilt that I was thinking of another man with Rich less than a year gone from my life. But I couldn’t help myself. My short thick dick even got rock hard several times as I stood behind the cash register between customers, thinking about the old blue-eyed Norwegian. I even found myself wondering if he had a dick as big as Rich’s had been.

Later, when I drove up to the old farm house where Sven lived, I was so excited that my hands were trembling. I parked my car. I knocked on the door and waited anxiously, getting a sudden hard on just standing there.

“Great! Thanks for coming by,” Sven said as he opened the door.

I couldn’t answer. He was completely naked! My eyes zeroed in on his crotch as though they had a will of their own. My green eyes widened at the sight of his monster pecker hanging limp between his hairy legs like a huge Polish sausage. The darn thing looked too big to reach around and the foreskin cover head of his enormous dick reached impossibly close to his knees. I couldn’t do any thing but stare down at the old blue-eyed Norwegian’s crotch.

“Sorry, I thought you knew that I’m a nudist,” Sven said, but didn’t try to hide his nakedness from me as he stepped aside. “Come on in, Frank.”

Somehow I managed to get my suddenly weak legs to respond and walked past him and into the living room. “Nothing wrong with being naked in your own home,” I finally said in a shaky voice. “I sleep naked. Guess it not much different,” I added, lamely.

“Oh, I just can’t stand clothes. I get naked ever chance I get. I even do my plowing naked. Love sitting atop that big tractor completely naked. Hell, it gets me so turned on, I sometime jack off right then and there, especially if some of my neighbors stop by to chat while I’m out on the tractor. They know I work naked but they still flag me down sometimes to chat. Just last week old man Oliver, of all people, stopped me as I was turning around at the end of the corn row where my property meets his. And damn if that church-going old Lutheran didn’t pull out his pecker right in front of me and start pissing as we were chatting. And I just reached down between my legs and pulled up my old white snake and jacked off in front of him. And damn if he didn’t just keep chatting with me like nothing was going on until I shot off,” Sven said. He reached down and pulled his long enormous pecker up in a demonstration.

I took a deep breath as excitement flashed through me like an electric shock. I suddenly felt like I didn’t really know the old man standing beside me - although I had known him since we were kids. Never once when he was visiting me in the bookstore had he ever hinted of being an exhibitionist or even gay.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off?” He stared at me and raised an eyebrow. 

When I just stood there looking dumb-fuddled, he added, “You know, like you take off your shoes when you enter a Japanese house. Here you take off your clothes.”

“Yeah . . . I understand,” I said, but still hesitated.

“Come on, Frank. Don’t be shy with me. I’ve been wanting to see you naked ever since you came back to Iowa.”

I found myself blushing. I had never done something so exotic before. I was embarrassed, both from my overweight body and my undersized dick. But the eager look on the old Norwegian’s face gave me courage. “Well, if you want to see an overweight, small dick, old man naked, then here goes,” I finally said. I took my suit coat off and then undid my tie.

Sven moved over to the sofa and took a seat as he watched me undress. And as he looked on he started masturbating openly in front of me. I couldn’t believe that he was doing that, but I was so excited that it overrode my shyness. When I pulled down my jockey shorts, my short thick dick sprung up so hard that it caused my big watery balls to bounce up and down.

“You’re beautiful,” Sven said as he stroked his long thick dick. “And look at your huge balls.”

“And you are totally blind?” I felt a warm sensation flow through my body at his praise. “I’m overweight and my dick looks like a ten-year-old boy’s dick beside yours.”

Then suddenly the old Norwegian was down on his knees in front of me jacking his enormous pecker hard and fast as he looked up at me. “You are beautiful!” He said and then he closed his mouth around my dick.

“Oh me!” I cried out as the old man’s warm wet tongue began to massage my short fat dick as he held my entire dick in his mouth. “That feels wonderful!” My knees suddenly grew so weak that I feared that I was going to fall. They did bend slightly as the old man tongued the tip of my circumcised peter.

“I’ve got to fuck you!” The old Norwegian said, suddenly pulling his mouth away from my dick. “Turn around!” His orders, his loud, manly voice ... I found myself compelled to obey. “Now bend that moon white ass over.”

Even though I felt humiliated at showing my asshole to the old man, I couldn’t stop myself from doing as he ordered. I bent over exposing my asshole to him. And suddenly felt his wonderful warm wet tongue flicking against my asshole. I moaned. Although Rich had fucked me many, many times, he had never rimmed my ass. GOD! It felt wonderful. The old man didn’t stop with just licking my asshole, suddenly I felt his snakelike tongue wiggling its way inside my asshole.

The sudden rush of pleasure caused by the old man’s tongue as it entered me almost made me faint. Suddenly I was hunching his tongue involuntarily. And in response the old man just drove his snaking tongue even deeper inside my asshole. Then he started turning and twisting it. I almost lost my mind.

I was so hot that when he told me to get down on my all fours, I did so immediately. It only dawned on me what he was going to do when suddenly I felt the head of his huge pecker pressing against my saliva dripping asshole. He entered me. I cried out. The pain was unbearable. I tried to pull my chubby ass away from him, but the old man held me in place as thought I was no more than a child. He speared me with his enormous long fat dick. I felt like a pig having a stake driven up his asshole.

The pain of something so enormous entering me caused me to teeter on the brink of fainting. Inch after fat inch of dick was forced inside of me until I was totally filled up with the old man’s huge dick. But then as he slowly pulled it out of until only the enormous head of his dick was left inside me, the pain turned to pleasure. Even when he plunged his long fat dick deep into me, I felt more pleasure than pain.

Then Sven was fucking me so hard and fast that I could hardly breathe. I collapsed on the floor. The old Norwegian fell on top of me driving his huge pecker ever further inside of me. He fucked me and fucked me again until I lost all track of time. I was almost senseless when he finally pulled his huge dick out of me and rolled me over. He shot off on my face. It should have felt disgusting. It didn’t. I suddenly found myself enjoying the gushing of his thick white sperm onto my face.

I reached down to masturbate, but the old man brushed my hand from my dick as he slipped down between my legs and once again took my short fat dick into his mouth. He had me so hot that I immediately shot off in Sven’s mouth. He swallowed my load and then used his tongue and mouth to suck out the last few drops.

“That was wonderful,” Sven told me as he set on the floor beside me. “Sex with you was better than I have ever visualized it would be over all these years.”

“Thanks,” I said, suddenly feeling my usual shy demeanor returning. “I could use a towel to clean up my face.

“Leave it. You look great with my load of cum running down your face. Please leave the cum on,” the old man pleaded.

“Sure,” I said, shocked at myself.

“I want to sit across the table from you and watch you eating with my load of cum dripping from your queer face.”

For the first time in my life I suddenly didn’t resent being called a queer.

“Yes, I am a queer,” I mumbled, “And I’ll always be one.”

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

No Name Fish Camp

[Author: HR]

No Name Fish Camp

When my wife of fifty years died, I moved from Atlanta to a little no-name fish camp near the Everglades. I had grown up in the panhandle of Florida and when I was a kid had dreamed of living in the great swamp. So at seventy I suddenly saw the end of my life approaching and decided to bring that childhood dream to life.

The little fisherman’s shack I moved into sat at the very edge of the blackish water of the swamp, among several other dilapidated shacks surrounding a public boat ramp. The shack didn’t look like much, but it suited me just fine. And I fell into the routine of wandering off into the swamp during the morning, fishing and reading in the afternoons. 

But life wasn’t perfect. The longer I lived in the fish camp, the hornier I got. I started jacking off every night, but that seemed only to get me more horny. I started walking around the shack naked and playing with my big pecker like some pervert.

I was buck-naked when Billy knocked on the door. He was a little guy in his late seventies that lived back near the dirt road that lead to the fish camp. I had seen him in his flat bottom boat with its tiny Johnson motor, fishing the brackish water near the edge of the swamp several times. Had even waved at him.

I opened the door just wide enough to peek out, not wanting him to see that I was naked, and, with a roaring hard on. 

“Hello,” the little old man said. 

When I had seen him fishing he had always worn a hat. Today he was bare headed and for the first time I got a glimpse of his head of pure white thinning hair.

“Hello,” I responded, not knowing what else to say.

“Sorry to bother you but I hear you have a cell phone. My truck broke down and I need to get it towed to Jack’s Station. I don’t have a phone.” 

As he spoke he looked me directly in the eyes. And I found myself admiring his soft green eyes.

“Yeah, sure, you can use my phone... ah... I’m naked but... Hell... come on in,” I finally said. “I was changing when you knocked.” 

The little old man walked inside as I opened the door wider. He glanced down at my hard old pecker and smiled. 

“Looks like you were doing something besides changing clothes.” 

My face must have turned red because he added, “Don’t be embarrassed. I jack off too. Heck, what else is there to do out here in the middle of the swamp?” He stared at my massive pecker. “Damn, I wish I had one as big as yours. And damn, for someone your age, you can really get a hard on.”

I glanced down at my big pecker and found it jumping up and down it was so rock hard. “Sorry. Damn it. I don’t know what’s the matter with me. I seem to be getting hornier everyday.” I confessed as I suddenly found myself enjoying the little old man staring at my pecker. I knew that I should rush into the bedroom and get my clothes but I didn’t. I just stood there in front of the old man, naked.

“You married?” Billy finally asked.

“Widower.” I answered.

“Still, I bet she used to love getting fucked by something that big. Hell, she wouldn’t have felt my little dick it’s so small,” the little old man said. “Damn, I would give my right arm for a dick half that big.”

“I bet yours isn’t so small,” I said, loving the attention he was giving my pecker.

“Hell, I’ll show you how small it is.” 

The old man unzipped his overalls and reached inside. His hand retrieved the smallest dick I had ever seen. It wasn’t any more than an inch long and no thicker than my thumb. “You ever seen such a skimpy dick in your life?” he asked, as he pulled back his foreskin revealing a tiny pink cock head. “Shit, my little old dick looks like a boy’s pee pee compared to yours.”

The sight of the little old man’s tiny dick excited me. Damn, it made me feel so masculine to have such a monster dick compared to his. I found myself stepping forward and holding my big pecker beside his tiny dick.

“Damn, look at the different in size!” I called out excitedly. “Does it get much bigger when you have a hard on?” I asked.

“Hell, I can’t remember the last time it was hard. But heck no. It doesn’t grow much,” the old man answered.

“Get it hard and let me see it?” As I spoke I couldn’t help but grab my own pecker and start pumping my foreskin back and forth over the massive head of my dick.

“Will not be any use. I tried to get it hard last night. Heck, I spend an hour working on the poor little thing but it didn’t get any bigger or harder than it is now,” the little old man confessed.

I don’t know what made me do it. Guess it was because I was so horny. But suddenly, I found myself reaching out and grabbing the little old man’s dick. I felt a flash of pleasure as my hand closed around his tiny boy dick.

“Oh... that feels good,” the old man called out. “My late wife used to suck it. That always made it hard,” he suddenly told me.

I looked him directly in the eyes and said, “I ain’t no queer.”

“ I didn’t mean you were. Just that was the only way she could get it hard enough for me to fuck her,” the little old man said hurriedly.

“Yeah?” I asked.

He nodded.

“Fuck, I want to see it hard,” I said in an angry voice. And then I surprised myself by dropping to my knees in front of the little old man. He moaned as I took his tiny dick in my mouth. 

I don’t know what I expected. I guess I had half expected his little dick to taste like piss, but it didn’t. The taste was nice. And in spite of myself I found I enjoyed sucking on his tiny dick. It was like sucking on a woman’s nipple, only much better. And as I really started to work on his little dick, it did swell up slightly and stiffen until it was rock hard. But it didn’t even double in size.

“Gee, you are better than my wife was,” the little old man cried out. “But, hell, let me take of clothes off,” he added, pulling his little dick out of my mouth.

I stood there eager to continue sucking his little dick as I watched him undress. With his clothes off, the little man looked his age. His body was sagging in every place possible and, unlike me, he was as completely hairless as a newborn baby. But one thing that didn’t sag was his ass. The cheeks of his ass were like little ripe melons. And I swear that for the first time in my life I suddenly found myself thinking about fucking another man. I even reached out and touch the cheeks out his ass before I could stop myself.

“Yeah, I still got a nice ass,” he said, smiling. “My wife used to fuck me with a big dildo, I’m ashamed to say,” the old man confessed as I continued to run my hand over his baby smooth old ass.

Suddenly I wanted to fuck the old man. The thought shocked me. “Do you still use the dildo?” I asked as I moved behind the frail old man.

“Yes,” he confessed, in a suddenly almost breathless voice as the tip of my big pecker touched the crack of his ass.

I didn’t ask permission. I just spit on my hand and rubbed the spit on the head of my pecker. Then I grabbed the old man around the waist and started pushing my pecker against the bud of his asshole. I expected him to cry out or protest. Instead he pushed his butt against me causing the big head of my old pecker to pry open his asshole.

The old man grunted as my old dick head entered him. I have fucked pussy for most of my seventy years, but the little old man’s asshole was better than any pussy I had ever dipped my dick into. Inside his asshole was hotter than any pussy and just as wet. And damn, if my old dick didn’t go into him easier than into a woman’s pussy.

Then next thing I knew my dick was buried up to my pubic hairs in his old asshole and I was pressed against his smooth hairless back. I just reached around and gabbed his little pecker and started jacking it as I began to fuck him.

The image of us two old farts tied up like two old hound dogs flashed through my mind. And damn if it didn’t excite me ever more. Heck, I started kissing the back of the old man's neck as I fucked him while jacking him off.

I don’t know how long I fucked him. Time lost all meaning. I was in heaven. His little pecker got rock hard as I pumped my big dick into his ass. Then he shot a stream of cum half way across the living room of the shack and he just kept cumming.

Seeing the floor covered with his sperm caused my own old dick to explode. I pumped his old ass so full of my man juice that when I pulled my dick out of his ass, cum started dripping from his asshole.

Suddenly we were both standing there, shocked at what we had done, and neither knowing what to say. Finally I said, “I’ll get my cell phone for you.” And hurried to the bedroom where I kept it. When I returned to the living room the little old man was still naked and cum was running down the back of his leg. 

“Here,” I said, handing him the phone, “I’ll clean up the floor while you are making your call.”

I surprised myself by not dressing as I got some paper towels from the kitchen. Then as I cleaned up the cum from the floor and watched him out of the corner of my eye making the telephone call, my old pecker got hard again. The sight of his cum leaking asshole reminded me how much I used to love to eat my wife’s pussy after fucking her. Suddenly I wanted to do the same thing to the old men.

As I cleaned a spot of cum off the floor near his feet, I looked up and found myself staring at his cum dripping asshole. That did it. Even as he talked to some guy named Jack, I grabbed his slim hips and held him, and I pressed my face against the crack of his ass cheeks.

Suddenly tasting my own cum, I went wild. I stuck my tongue inside his gaping open asshole and started rimming him. His voice became shrill as he ended his conversation with the station owner. Then he bent over so that I could reach my tongue even deeper inside him. This I did and we both moaned as I rimmed him deeper than I had ever rimmed a pussy.

I grabbed my big dick and started jacking myself and he did the same to his little pecker. When he started hunching my face with his old asshole I knew he was getting ready to shoot off again. And sure enough he did. And damn if he didn’t squirt a load half way across the room again. Of course, the sight of his cum gushing out of his little pecker sent mine squirting also.

That day was the starting of a long and beautiful relationship that is still going on well between Billy and me. We don’t live together but we might as well. Either he spends the night over at my place or I at his. And we always go fishing together now.

And I can’t even start to tell you of all the great sex we have ... every night.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Adrian and Frank's story

[Author: HR]

Adrian & Frank
    I don't remember the first day I met Frank, I guess that is because I was only two days old when we met. Frank was always the old man that lived next door to me. One of my first memories of him is when I was about six years old, my sister was selling candy for a school fund raiser. We had gone next door to see if Frank and his wife Sally would be the first customers.

    When Frank answered the door I got my first look at him in his boxer shorts and A-shirt. I can still remember the light blue boxer shorts with a white pin stripe, and the way his chest hair was sticking out from the top of his undershirt as though it were yesterday. I had never seen a man in his underwear before, so I found myself excited all day thinking about him. Ever since then I could not stop thinking of him.

    By the time I was 16, Frank had retired from his job at the Post Office due to a bad knee. Frank asked me if I could mow his lawn and help him with various things around the house when he needed the help. I wasn't too keen on the idea of helping him at the time, but seeing his gray hair and remembering him in his boxer shorts I decided to do it. At the end of that first summer of mowing his lawn I had developed a close relationship with him.

    There was never a time that I wasn't looking at his crotch. I am sure he noticed me looking many times but never said anything. One day, while helping him fix an electric gate he was wearing a pair of walking shorts, which was rare for him to do. He moved his leg, and I could see straight in the leg opening and see a pair of the biggest balls I had ever seen. I just stared at them wishing I could just reach in there and give them a nice squeeze. He must have noticed me looking because he quickly lowered his knee down and adjusted his shorts. Later that evening I went home and jacked off thinking about his hairy balls.
   One summer day when I was 26, he gave me the worst news that I could think of. He was moving away so that he and his wife could live closer to some cousins. It would not be so bad had he moved somewhere else in the city but he was moving three hours away. When he told me that he was moving I thought, maybe I would have time to talk him out of it, I was wrong. He had a real estate agent on the way to start signing papers that very day.
    One month later I was in a truck with Frank, helping him move to his new house. We arrived at his new house and unloaded the truck, since it was late in the day we decided to stay at the new house over night. We set up the bed for him and his wife to sleep on, while I had to sleep on the floor.
    Although it was a small house, it did have two showers. By the time I got in the shower, Frank was knocking on the bathroom door. I couldn't hear what he was saying so I grabbed a towel and opened the door. There he was standing in front of me in a pair of black silk boxer shorts.
    I remember telling him in a playful manner how sexy he looked. What he did next shocked me. He began to kiss me. I let my towel fall to the ground and began to kiss him back. Slowly feeling the silky smooth texture of his tongue slide in my mouth. I felt his hands grab my bare ass and pulled me closer to him. I could feel his cock growing hard as my own stiff cock rubbed against his silk boxers.
    "Sally is asleep already. She took an aspirin with a sleep aid, she won't wake up till morning," Frank said. We began to kiss frantically, like a couple of teenagers. I could feel my precum leaking out I was so excited. He began to reach for my cock pulling back the foreskin. He wiped the precum with his finger and tasted it. "I want to taste more of it," he said.
    We moved to the bedroom where I had laid out the blankets. Frank laid on his back, I slid off his silk boxers and saw his white circumcised cock for the first time. It was about 6 1/2 inches and not very thick but it was the perfect size to get in my mouth. I sucked on his cock for less than a minute before he shot his load in my mouth. "Sally has never done that to me - it feels so incredible," he said as I continued to suck his cock until it was soft.
    "I want you to fuck me Adrian," he said. "I want you to fuck me like the way you have always wanted to."
    He rolled over on to his stomach, allowing me to have full access to his big beautiful pale white ass. I kissed him on each of his ass cheeks before I started to spread his cheeks. I slowly licked the outer rim of his asshole, I could feel his body quiver as my tongue slid over his hole. He began to moan and repeatedly say "That feels wonderful, don't stop." My tongue plunged deeper into his ass hole.
    I could feel his asshole relaxing, I moved my tongue away from him so that I could finger his ass. The ease at which three of my fingers went in was a sure sign he was ready to be fucked. I mounted myself on top of him, aiming my stiff, precum drooling cock at his saliva soaked asshole. Slowly I pressed my cock into the soft, silky warmth of his ass. I could hear him moan with pleasure as I slowly thrust my hips in and out of his ass. 
    I had waited for this moment for years and I wanted to last. I continued to fuck him slowly while I kissed him on his neck and sucked on his ear lobes. Smelling the sweet scent of Aramis cologne that he wore mixed with his sweat was intoxicating to me. 
    I pulled out of his ass and rolled him over on his back so that I could get a taste of the precum that was oozing out of his once again stiff prick. I sucked on the engorged purple head of his cock, and then continued to kiss up his stomach. I kissed through the forest of silver hair on his chest until my lips found his nipples. I sucked and pinched both nipples giving him pleasure that he has never experienced in his 50 years of marriage. Our lips met again as I continued to feed my desire. Looking into his beautiful green eyes I could see the love that he shared for me.
    "I want you to fuck me," I told him. I positioned my ass and felt his precum lubricate my asshole. I slowly pressed my ass onto his dick, feeling the cock that I always wanted in me for so long. We continued to kiss each other, sliding our tongues together as he his cock pistoned in and out of my ass. His thrusting was becoming faster, his body tensing up, I knew it was close. Our moaning was so loud that I thought the neighbors would hear. "Here it comes," he shouted as he shot his hot cum deep inside my ass. "God, that feels incredible. Roll over on to your stomach, I want to taste my own cum as it spills out of your ass."
    I was never a person to argue with him so I wasn't about to start now. I rolled over and he started to lick and suck his cum from my asshole. The feeling of his silky tongue darting in and out of my ass was driving me crazy. After having his stiff prick massaging my prostate and now his tongue in my ass I was ready to shoot my load.
    "Stand up and bend over the chair," I told him. I wiped the last bit of cum from my ass and applied it to my aching cock. My cock slid into his ass with ease. I started to fuck him again I was so horny that I started to pound my stiff prick harder and harder. My shaved balls slapping against his hairy balls with every thrust of my hips.
    I grabbed hold of him by his shoulders as I continued thrusting with all the strength I could. Seeing my dark brown cock slide in and out his creamy white ass was all I could take. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." I shot the most powerful load I had ever shot before. My orgasm was so strong that I thought I was pissing in his ass. We both fell to the ground breathing heavily. We kissed each other on the lips and said "I love you" for the first time to each other.
    The next morning we woke up before his wife did, and never said a word about the night before. That was nearly four years ago. Frank still visits me when he is in town, unfortunately, his wife is always with him.  Perhaps I'll get to have another night with him sometime soon.

Written by Adrian

Sunday, 9 August 2015

How I Became a Black Alpha Bull Master’s Slave

The Dream: How I Became a Black Alpha Bull Master’s Slave

I keep having this re-occurring dream. 

It is the same every time and I REALLY want from the bottom of my heart for this dream to actually happen and it all becomes a reality. In the dream…

I live in a small east Texas town called Lufkin (which is true). I have been looking for a Black Master on
the internet and through the blog on here. I have chatted with a few Masters but nothing ever came of it because they weren’t REAL. I guess I have been hoping that a Master from the real underworld of Masters/slaves would notice and take action. But so far nothing has come to fruition. So I go on with everyday life. 

I didn’t know that I was being watched by a real life Slave Trader/Catcher in the underworld that exists but the world never sees. I live off HWY58. Its rather rural and quiet so I didn’t notice anything unusual. They had watched me for several days. Taking note that I have roommates and what my usual routine was and where I like to go. There is a little convenience store that I frequent. I didnt know that they had been taking note of when I left the house alone or that they had been following me…

One evening, just before the store closed at nine, I pulled in for a pint of ice cream. There was no one outside the store, only the clerk was behind the counter. I paid for the stuff and started back to my car. I noticed a panel van had parked between the clerk’s car and mine, but thought nothing of it. As I went between the van and my car I unlocked the doors with the key fob. With my back to the van I suddenly heard the sliding door open and felt myself being grabbed and pulled into the van. I was so startled I didn’t even have time to shout out. Before I could see anything a hood was placed over my head and I felt a knife pushed at the base of my throat. 

A deep male voice growled, “Don’t make a sound! Drop your keys or you’re dead!”

I did as I was told. I heard someone scoop up my keys. 

Put your hands behind your back!

I felt the cold steel of cuffs on my wrists as they were being locked in place behind my back. Then I felt ankle restraints being shackled around my legs. 

“What is the pin number on your bank card, Bitch?!” 

I gave it to them. I heard my car start, back out, and drive off. I knew that there had to be at least three of them. The van started and eased out of the park. I felt the knife at my throat, it never moved the entire time. I began to panic, struggle.

Keep quiet, bitch, or youll bleed!

The van stopped for a few minutes, and then we took off again. I can only think the stop was at the bank to drain my accounts. 

We drove for about an hour before they pulled over and stopped. I was told to keep my eyes closed while they removed the hood or they would kill me. I did as they told me and felt them put a blindfold over my eyes. Then I was told to open my mouth. I felt a penile gag being put on me and buckled in the back. I heard the van door open and something was unloaded out of the back. They told me to scoot forward and to stand up just outside the van door. Then they told me to step up high and over into what I now know was a wooden crate. It was not very big and they pushed me down until I was crouched inside it. 

“Now this will help you relax.” 

I felt a needle being stuck in my arm. The last thing I remembered after that was feeling the lid of the crate being put on and hearing it being nailed shut.

I don’t know how long I was unconscious but it felt like several hours. I could hear the motor of the van running and knew we were on a highway somewhere. We drove for hours. One of the men would sleep, while the others drove and when they got tired switched out. We never stopped as far as I could tell except for gas. Eventually the van stopped. I heard one of the men tell the others he’d be right back. When he returned, I felt them push the crate toward the back, and heard the doors open. I felt them lift me up in the crate and they carried me for some distance. 

I heard a different voice say, “Down here.” 

The crate shifted and I could feel them carrying me down some steps. They placed the crate on the floor and began opening it. My muscles were sore from being in such a cramped position for such a long period of time. One of them told me to stand up and helped me step out of the crate. 

“I bet youre thirsty.” 

I was. 

Here, take some vitamins and water.

Two capsules were put in my mouth as well as a glass of water to my lips. I took the water and swallowed the pills. They shoved a gag back in my mouth.

Vitamins - it was speed or something like ex to make me horny. I found out later its used by Bull Masters to alter a slave’s mind while they break them into thinking it is what the slave wants/needs/deserves what is about to happen to them. Masters will also give a slave the pills when they want to let several Masters use them at on time - gang-banged - or when running a train on them, sometimes before the gang rape. I felt someone cut off my shirt while another undid my pants and pulled them down. I only wear jockstraps for underwear and when one of them saw that was what I was wearing I heard him say “Good, he’s used to wearing a jock.”

They led me over to the side and told me to sit down. It was a toilet. I felt a knife put to my throat and was told to do exactly as they said or die. They uncuffed me and had me hold my hands out in front of me. I heard the buzzing sound of a pair of clippers. They began shaving my arms. When they finished with my arms, they shaved my chest and stomach, and then my head. I shave my legs anyway so they didn’t have to do them. 

Then I was told to stand up and felt some kind of lotion being applied all over my body and ass. After a few minutes I heard water running and they began washing me down with a rag. I guess it was nair or some such stuff to get rid of as much hair on me as possible. Then they started shaving every inch of me with a razor. Legs, ass, crotch, pits - everything, everywhere. Then they placed me a foot or two away from where I was and felt water hit my head from a shower head. Then one of them grabbed me behind the neck and pulled forward and said, Bend over, bitch!”

I felt one of them finger my ass until he found my hole and stuck in a hose of some kind. I thought it must be from an enema bag but it was attached to a water source and they filled me up till I couldn’t take it. I started pushing out all the water and shit that was in me. 

“That’s it bitch! Clean out that ass until the water runs clear.” 

After I was thoroughly cleaned out, they dried me off and made me get back into the jock Id been wearing. They checked my blindfold and gag. Then they told me to hold my arms out in front of me. I felt leather wrist restraints being put on them at the same time by two of the men. Then they put them on my ankles. They led me over to a spot and attached my wrists together and then lifted them above my head. I was being strung up. 

“I’ll go get him.” 

I heard a door open and then shut. After a few minutes later it opened and was locked again. I heard a man walking around me in a circle. 

“Not bad. A little heavy, but forced workouts and my special limited diet will take care of that.” 

It was a deep voice and very masculine. I felt him stop in front of me just before I felt his hand grab my face and lean in.

“Are you a cockwhore or a slut, bitch?” 

I shook my head no, and answered as best I could with the gag in my mouth. He turned to one of the men and asked “You think he is?” 

“From the blog he has on tumblr I think he is.” 

I realized he was the leader of the three. 

“Well, there is one way to find out.” 

I heard a fourth man walk across the room. Something jingled and I felt him get back in front of me. 

“This may hurt a little but you’ll like it.”

I felt the knob of a nipple clamp being applied to my right nipple and then to the left. The chain hit my chest as he backed away to look. 

“You see, men? The body doesn’t lie. They may say they aren’t but if you know what to do their body will betray them.” 

He circled to get behind me. He reached around and grabbed my throat with one hand while he pulled the front of my jock forward with the other.

”Little dick like that means you are the one that always gets fucked when you are with a man, right?” 

I hesitated, then slowly nodded, ashamed. 

He laughed. “But you aren’t a born cockwhore or slut are you?”

I shook my head no. 

“Well I’m about to find out if you are or not. He whispered, “Your body will tell me everything when I do this test.” 

He took his foot and kicked my legs apart a little wider. He turned to the other men and said “I told you I want a born cockwhore, so you better hope he reacts like I want or you will be taking him with you when you leave.” 

Then he turned back to me and said, “Lets see if you are or not. I think you are a born cockwhore and your body will tell me - it won’t lie.” 

Still holding one hand around my neck and behind me as close as he could get, he let his other hand come around and pull down in the middle of the chain connecting the nipple clamps. The tug sent fire through my body and it was like it had a mind of its own. Suddenly I arched my back, pressing my ass into the man’s crotch and let out a soft moan. 

“That’s what I thought, bitch! That ass wants a cock in it. See guys? Told you the body would tell me.” 

He tugged down a little harder making me press back more and let out another moan. 

“Lets find out just exactly what else you are, bitch,” he said. 

He started twisting his hand that held the chain. It was like I had no control of my body. I started moaning and grinding my ass back into his crotch.

Yeah, we got a little slutbitch as well.” 

He said it out loud so the others could hear him. They laughed. He started pressing his crotch forward and grinding back. 

“You’re born fucking cockwhore and slutbitch cause that ass wants a Big Black Alpha Bull Master cock in it real bad. I bet you LOVE to get fucked, don’t you slut!? You’re a real slavewhore when you are with a Master, aren’t you?” 

All I could do is grind my ass backward into his crotch, trying to shake my head no. 

“Really? That isnt what your body is saying. Don’t worry, I love born cockwhore slutbitch slavewhores. See guys?” 

He turned to the others. 

“This is what I’m talking about. This is what a Alpha Bull Master wants to own. A slavewhore that LOVES his slavecunt rammed with Alpha Black Bull Master Cock. That is why it is the most important thing I wanted in the property I want to own.” 

He let go of the chain and backed up a little. Talking loud enough for the others to hear but still in my ear he said “You are probably wondering what is going on aren’t you?

I nodded - yes. 

“I had you brought here because life as you know it changed. The life you had no longer exists. From this moment and from now on you are nothing but a Master’s slave!” 

After a moment of silence, I started to try and scream and struggled with the restraints. His hand around my throat tightened as he used his other hand to pull me back until his body was pressed against mine. 

“Scream, cry, struggle all you want," he said, "You are behind a locked door in a windowless soundproof dungeon that only a handful know exists. So you might as well accept that you are now a slave. I am your Master. I own you. When I get back I’ll explain more and tell you what is going to happen.” 

Then he turned to the others and said, Gonna make a GREAT fuckslut!” 

He laughed at me, and turned away, saying, “Lets go upstairs and finish our business. I REALLY hope you are going to come back later and get the bonus I promised when I called.” 

Someone said, “After that little display of it grinding into your crotch, youre damn right we’ll be back.” 

I heard them go up some stairs and a door open, close and the lock being put in place. I didn’t know what was going on or where I was at. I was strung up and had titclamps on and I was scared that I was going to get killed.

Time limped by, my muscles began to ache. I heard the lock in the door turn and it open and close and then locked again. 

“Miss me?” 

He laughed. He walked past me and then came back to stand right behind me and as close as he could. “Youre a fucking slave now and I am your Master. Just so that you know that and to remind you You are going to wear this.” 

I felt his hands go over my head and one hand lifted my head a little as a leather collar was placed around my neck. He was fastening it behind me and when he got it all buckled on he said, “Listen.” 

I heard a small click.

Now your collar is permanently locked in place and it'll never come off for the rest of your life. Now, why don’t we take this blindfold off so you can see your new home. Where you will spend 90% of your time.” 

He took off the blindfold and as my eyes adjusted I looked around. In the corner was a small sink and toilet with a shower head next to that. The shower had an extra hose with a rounded tip on the end. That must have been the thing they had douched me with. Coming down the wall I saw a cage and next to that was a big four poster bed. It was black and had chains coming from the top of each post, chains at all four corners of the mattress, and one coming from the center of the headboard. Across the room was weight equipment and gym stuff. I couldn’t see behind me. My “Master” was behind me so I still had no idea what he looked like. 

After waiting for me to take it all in, he leaned close and said “You are not just a slave.” He started walking around in front of me. “No, you are a white slave to a Black Master. I now own you. I am Master Dee.” 

He attached a black leather leash to my collar. He was about 6’1 - maybe - 3” tall. Very muscular and he obviously worked out. He was cut and buff. I guessed he was in his late 40s - maybe as much as 55 years old, taller than me and big. God, he was big.

He stepped closer and was right in my face.

“I’m not just any ordinary Black Master, just like you aren’t just any ordinary white gay slave. You see, you’re a born cockwhore slutbitch slavewhore, with a little fuckslut in you too, I think. Me, I’m a born Black Alpha Bull Master. The difference is you don’t believe you are, and you resist it and what you are meant to be. But that’s ok. See regular black Masters train regular white men to be their slaves. But they are just acting as one, just as the Masters are acting as one. REAL Masters and slaves are the ones that are born that way, with those traits in them and they are meant to be what they are. Born Black Alpha Bull Masters only want born cockwhores or slut bitches or slavewhores or fucksluts to own and be their bitch slave property. Most white slaves are born with one of those traits that I mentioned. And Black Alpha Bull Masters know how each different kind needs to be trained and broken. 

But you, my little slave, are a Black Alpha Bull Master’s dream, the ultimate slave to own. You were born with all four in you, to be that kind of slave, making you as perpetually as horny as Black Alpha Bull Masters are. Fortunately for you, I’m just the Black Alpha Bull Master you NEED to own you and be what you were born to be. That is why fate has brought you to me, to own you, and be your Master. A white bitch like you can’t be trained by just any Black Master. No No No. You NEED a born Black Alpha Bull Master like me that knows and has dreamed about this. See, this is not just about knowing how to train you, cause you can’t be trained. Nope, you need to be broken."

He reached up and placed his hand around my neck and the other behind my head and pulled me closer. I could feel his breath as he spoke. 

I wanted a born cockwhore slave and only dreamed about finding one like you. But I now did find one. You, to break and own. I’m the Black Alpha Bull Master that knows just how to fucking BREAK a white bitch like you to be the fucking slave you were born to be."

He pulled back and looked directly in my eyes. 

“I’m going to fucking break you into my PERSONAL white fucking cockwhore slutbitch slavewhore and personal fuckslut bitchslave. What do you think about that?” 

He let go and got back behind me, pressing his body into mine. He reached around and grabbed my throat and the chain to the titclamps with the other and pulled down making me press my ass into his crotch again. 

“That’s it, you fucking cockwhore, I know what you want and need. Trust me, I’m going to give it to you! When I get through breaking you the way you need to be broken, you’re going to beg when I tell you too, say whatever I tell you I want to hear when you serve me and you WILL obey my every command and do whatever I tell you to do or be punished. When I’m done breaking you, you will know that you are nothing but a fucking white slave to Black Alpha Bull Master Dee. You are my personal white fucking cockwhore slutbitch slavewhore and fuckslut cuntbitch slave property I own, that LOVES sucking and being fucked by your Black Alpha Bull Master’s Big Black Bull Master cock. 

You’ll love me for being your Master. So much that you only live and exist for my happiness and to bring me pleasure. And that what you want doesn’t matter anymore, only what I want. If fact You want only what I want. You want only to worship and please me by obeying and doing whatever I tell you to do whenever, where ever, and however I tell you to do it. You will take my cock or any other I want you to take; or be punished.” 

Then he ran his tongue in my ear and licked my cheek. 

“Now lets get started. You will address me as Master or SIR. I know a cockwhore slut like you wants to be my slave.” 

He walked back behind me and came back and took the gag off. 

He yelled, “Now tell me you’re a cockwhore slut and want to be my slave!” 

Before I could respond, he yelled, “Say it!”, and gave me a light swat with a leather paddle. The sting shocked me at first. 

“Master, I’m a cockwhore slut and want to be your slave.”

SWAT! He hit me a little harder.


I choked, shook my head. Too late.

“Are you deaf?" he sneered, “Well then, I guess you need to start begging me to make you my slave and mean it cause I’m going to start paddling that slave ass and not stop until I believe you mean it! Understand Bitch?!” 

SWAT! He began to paddle me lightly at first and building up, getting harder and harder all the while I was begging him to make me his slave. 

“Please Master Dee make me your slave SIR. I WANT to be your white slave! I’ll do anything that you want Master Dee, I begged. 

“Even be my white cockwhore slutbitch slavewhore and fuckslut bitch slave for me?”

“Yes Master, whatever you want me to be. Master Please I want to be your white cockwhore slutbitch slavewhore and fuckslut bitch slave SIR!” 

“Make me believe it!

He kept paddling me until I was begging, screaming it, and crying. My ass was on fire, throbbing with heat radiating off it. 

“Very well,” he finally said and stopped. He took my hands loose from the ceiling and said, “Put your hands behind your back.” 

I did and he locked the leather wrist restraints together. He took the leash in one hand and told me to get down on my knees in front of him. He jerked the leash upwards saying, Look at me, bitch!” 

I knelt before him and looked up at his face. He looked down and spat in my face and said “You’re nothing but my fucking slave, aren’t you?” 

“Yes Master” I replied. 

“And you will obey me.” He slapped me. “Understand?” 

“Yes Master” I replied. 

“I own you!” he said as he slapped me again. “You’re my fucking slavewhore!”



Another slap stung my face. 

“Yes Master,” I said, tears trickling down my face. 

“Then I want a fucking white cockslut bitch like you to suck my big black bull Master cock the way I love a white fucking cockwhore slutbitch slavewhore fuckslut I own does it. And if you don’t do it right, I’m going to teach you how. Understand?” 

He slapped me again. 

He was wearing a black leather vest and jeans. He pulled me close to his crotch by the leash and said “Now start showing me how much you love to suck my cock by using your fucking mouth on my crotch and get your Master hard while it is still in my pants.” 


“Yes Master.” 

I started licking and biting at his crotch. I nibbled at his thighs and worked up and down the zipper. 

“That’s it slave. Show me you’re the slavewhore I want you to be.” 

I kept on seeing a bulge developing in his pants. I started tracing it with my tongue. 

“Now tell me you want to suck my big black bull master cock.” 

Another slap. 

Master, please, I want to suck your big black bull master cock.” 

He undid his pants and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. 

“Open your mouth bitch!” 

I did. He placed the tip on my tongue and told me to start sucking him. I started sucking on his cock. Flicking my tongue over the tip before going down as far as I could before choking and gagging on it. 

“That’s ok, You’re going to learn to take all that cock down your throat. I’m going to kill that gag reflex. And make you be the deep throat loving Black owned cockwhore fuckslut slavewhore you were born to be.” 

He slapped the side of my throat.

“Open that throat, take it all the way down. Suck that dick!” 

He put a hand on my head and started guiding me up and down his cock. 

“Look at your Master while you suck His cock!” 

I looked up as his cock slid into my mouth and down my throat. He pulled it out and pistol whipped my face with His Cock, telling me I loved it. He told me to lick his balls and suck them as well which I did. Then he told me to start sucking his cock again. He started to fuck my mouth but couldn’t get it all the way down. I was gagging and choking until tears were running down my face. Suddenly he jerked up on the leash and told me to get up. I stood up and he walked me to the bed. He told me to lay on my back with my head hanging down and open my mouth. He placed the tip of his cock in and told me to start sucking and open my throat. He was able to get more down my throat that way. He pulled on the chain to the titclamps and whenever I tried to scream he stuck his cock further down. 

“That’s it. You love my cock down your throat don’t you, slut?” 

A moan was all the sound I could make. After several minutes throat fucking me, he told me to roll over on my stomach and get up on my knees. Then he had me lick and suck his nipples. Every so often he would tell me to open my mouth and he’d spit in it. He made me tell him I was his slut or whore some such thing. He called me names and slap my face or my ass. Made me lick his pits and then go back to sucking his cock. He told me to turn around and face the headboard and get up further in the bed while on my knees. When I went up a little he told me to stop and got on the bed behind me on his knees. Then he reached around and grabbed my throat and said, Now Tell me you want me to fuck you like a Black Alpha Bull Master fucks a fucking cockslut slave and that he owns.” 

I did. As soon as I finished he shoved me forward until I was face down. As he took his knees and forced my legs apart he said, You will always spread your legs for your Master.” 

Then he started fingering my hole and lubing it. 

“Damn you’re tight. I’m going to love breaking you in and you’re going to love taking my cock. But I don’t want to hear all that screaming.” 

He regagged me tight. I felt him climb on top of me, my head was turned and he said “I am your Black Alpha Bull Master and I own you. I’m going to FUCK you like the white fucking cockwhore slutbitch slavewhore needs to be fucked to learn your place as Black Owned property. You’re going to take all of your Black Alpha Bull Master’s big Black Bull Master Cock. I’m going to FUCK you till you LOVE it.” 

He stabbed just the head of his fat cock in me and I started to yell. 

“Aw you want me to take it out? Too bad. You aint nothing but a fucking slave and what you want doesn’t matter. I’m your Master so what I want is all that matters.

He steadily slid his big black cock in my ass. All I could do was try and breathe and scream into the gag. He was steadily whispering in my ear “This is what you want slut. My slave, you are my whore. You NEED your Black Bull Master’s cock in your cunt.” 

Once he got it all the way in he stopped and left it there for me to adjust and get used to it. I felt him place his hand on the back of my neck as he started slowly fucking me. 

“You are going to beg me for it and tell me you love it when I’m through breaking you.” 

He started picking up speed. I was starting to get used to his cock and the pain was giving way and stopped screaming so much. 

“That’s it. Accept it, accept what you are, bitch, submit to me.” 

I felt the weight of his body on top of me and suddenly I felt like I was starting to like it. I’m double jointed in my back and I started moving my ass around. 

“That’s it bitch, show me you’re a fucking cockwhore and fuckslut for your Black Alpha Bull Master GOD’s cock."

Almost without realizing it I started to meet his thrusts. He noticed as well and said, "Hell yeah, you like that cock up your ass, don’t you bitch?”

All I could do was give a muffled yes. He pushed up and pulled me to my knees so that I was face down and ass up, hands cuffed behind me. He held my head down with one hand around the collar, and started to fuck me harder. He used his other hand to slap my ass, growling, I’m your Master, Understand? You’re my slave, I own you! Moan like the fucking whore you are bitch.” 

He started getting rougher and fucking me harder. 

“You’re going to show me you’re a cockwhore slutbitch slave whore.” 

He unclipped the wrist restraints and took off the gag. He told me to get on all fours while he held the leash. He pulled back on the leash to make me hold my head up while he fucked me. He got rougher and more forceful as he kept fucking me. 

“Tell me you love getting fucked by big black bull Master cock!” 

I did. 

He reached under and pulled on the titclamp chain. I moaned and started grinding back into his crotch meeting his thrusts. He put his hands on my shoulders and pulled back and began to ram his big black bull cock into me. The first time he rammed me I moaned. 

“You like that, huh? You want it harder don’t you?” 

He slapped my ass. “Answer me, slut!” He rammed harder into me. 

“Yes Master.” 

“Then say it” he replied. 

“Harder, Master. Fuck me harder!” 

After fifteen or so minutes of this he leaned over and said “I’m going to FUCK you deeper and harder than you have ever been fucked and mark that ass as mine!”

He flipped me on my back and hooked his arms up under my knees and climbed on top of me. He grabbed my wrists and attached the restraints to the chain that ran from the center of the head board. Then he put a hand around my throat and told me to look at him and tell him to fuck me like the slavewhore he owns needs to be fucked. He put the tip of his cock in and then with one big thrust he rammed it all the way in and hard as he could. 

“Tell me who owns you!

“Master you do,” I choked out.

“Tell me you’re my fucking white slut bitch whore!”

I did. All the while he was jackhammering into me, making sure he was in my face the whole time. He got nose to nose with me and looked into my eyes.

“Who am I?” 

“You are Black Master Dee, the Black Alpha Bull Master that owns me.” 

“That’s right! And what are you?”

“I’m nothing but the white fucking cockwhore slutbitch slavewhore you own.”

“Right again,” he said. “Now start talking dirty to me like the fucking slut you are and tell me to fuck you and how much you love it and want me to mark your ass with my cum!” 

So I did. 

I told him to fuck me, harder and that I loved His big Black Alpha Bull Cock rammed in my ass. To please mark me with his cum. Begging him to give it to me. He fucked me as hard as he could, spitting on me and calling names, telling me I was nothing without him until he came deep in my ass. 

Once he climaxed he pulled out, and undid the restraints from the chain. He took the leash and led me to the toilet and let me pee. Then he ordered me to kneel before him and to lick his boots and thank him for making me his slave and being my Master. 

When he was through having me do that, he made me get on the bed and put me back in restraints with my hands above my head and attached the ankle restraints to each corner so my legs were spread He replaced the gag and stood over me. 

“I’m not through breaking you yet, bitch. It isn’t over yet, not by a long shot. I’ll be back.

He got up and left, locking the door behind him. I lay there for about an hour before he returned. This time he had four to six other Black Masters with him. He undid the restraints and took off the gag,  tugged on the leash and told me to kneel on the floor.
“Look up at me! My friends here are going to take turns one at a time having you serve them as their white cockwhore slutbitch slavewhore and fuck you while the others wait upstairs for their turn. You are to call them SIR and do whatever they tell you to and obey, understand you fucking white bitch slave?”

“Yes Master.”

He turned to the men and said “If he resists in any way, you have my permission to punish him and use force. Who’s first?” 

One by one they took their turn. As soon as one left the room, another came down to use me. Each one making me beg, talk dirty, tell them I was nothing but a black alpha bull Master’s cockwhore fuckslut and slavewhore. He ran a train on me. The last one finished and left me restrained to the bed. A few minutes after he left, my Master returned with all of them and got me out of the bed and made me kneel next to him while he held my leash. 

“Now thank all these Sirs for helping your Master break you into My slavewhore property and that you are grateful to them.” 

“Yes Master. Thank you SIRS for taking turns fucking me and helping my Master break me into knowing my place as his slavewhore bitch property. I am very grateful to you all.” 

One of them spoke up, “How grateful? Enough to prove it to us?” 

“What do you mean?” asked my Master. 

“Well I think he should show us his gratitude and knows his place as your slave.” 

“How?” my Master asked. 

“Well, with your permission, and if you want, have him serve and fuck all of us at the same time. He can show his gratitude and he knows his place by you joining us and gangbang him.” 

My Master thought for a moment and then looked down at me and said that would remind me of what I was and show my gratitude. He then told me to tell them I wanted them to gangbang me like the white fuckslut bitch slave I was. I did. 

They gathered in a circle and had me start sucking them all to get them hard. Then put me on the bed and had me doggie style, sucking one in front while another pounded my ass. They made me take different positions and tell them I loved it until they were through. It must have taken hours. 

After they all left, my Master came back and with my arms spread eagle attached to the top of the footboard posts and on my knees, he got behind me and said “That was how you break a white cockwhore slutbitch slavewhore in to a Black Alpha Bull Master’s slave property. Now I’m going to fuck you and you are going to act like the fucking slut bitch slavewhore I want to see that I own.” 

And he did and I knew what to do and say. When he finished, he took me down and put me in the cage and told me to sleep all night with his cum in me to remember I was now Black Owned property. 

Every morning I’m let out of my cage to shave and clean myself out. Then workout for three hours and then wait for Master to come. Sometimes I service him and sometimes I serve whoever he brings to the dungeon for me to service. I am never fisted or do scat. cause he wants my pussy tight. 

Sometimes I serve four Masters a night and then sometimes none at all for a week. My life is in His total control. He controls me financially, what I wear, who I talk to, EVERYTHING is all for His pleasure and total happiness, because that is all that matters and I only want to please him. 

Sometimes he threatens to sell me off, usually after making me serve a different Alpha Black Bull Master each night like they are trying me out first. Whenever He thinks I need to be reminded of my place he will run a train on me and have them gangbang me afterwards. Sometimes I think he does it because he likes it and brings him pleasure as well as let me know he owns me and can do whatever he wants to me.

Of course if there is a REAL Black Alpha Bull Master out there that ever came here and made the dream a reality and be my life, I would love Him from the depths of my heart and the only way I’d leave Him would be if He sold me. If you are a REAL Black Alpha Bull Master GOD that wants to own a slave like me you can contact me on yahoo mail with the ID of ravenblackwell10. It is the same for yh messenger. Have kik whitecockwhorewhitecockwhore